Consult the catalogue and contact the CIRM-BP

Except for Brucella ovis, Brucella sp. strains (MOT classified ) can't be displayed in the catalog, please contact us to let us know your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for specific strains not yet listed in our catalog: we will do our best to satisfy your request.
Guidelines for culturing strains sent by the CIRM-BP are available.

Order treatment

An email of confirmation will be sent back to you after reception of your order. A temporary cost estimate not including shipping charges will be joined to this email.

After analysis of your demand, a cost estimate including shipping charges and a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) will be sent to you.

Attention ! Strains () are only sent after reception by the CIRM-BP, of the MTA duly signed in duplicate and of a purchase order edited by the applicant as well as of a document certifying that biosafety and biosecurity measures suitable for the ordered strains, do exist in his facilities.

A copy of the countersigned ATM will be returned when sending biological material.

( Restrictions are placed on the distribution of certain pathogenic or toxin-producing species listed in the french order from the April 30th 2012 as provided by Article L. 5139-1 of Public health Code. The distribution of these micro-organisms is submitted to a special authorisation procedure from the National Agency for Medicinal and Health Product Safety (ANSM) )

( Distribution of strains is restricted to 20 strains per enquirer of the same laboratory. For order of more than 20 strains, please contact the CIRM-BP for specify conditions)