The International Centre for Microbial Resources on Pathogenic Bacteria (CIRM-BP), based at INRAE, route de Crotelles, 37380 Nouzilly, France, holds a collection of more than 2500 of biosafety levels 2 and 3 pathogenic bacterial strains. Because its vocation is to ensure the dissemination of these strains, they are available via an online catalogue. Orders can be placed directly online, or via E-mail. For biosecurity reasons, some biological materials are not displayed in the catalog. In this case, information is distributed by phone or E-mail to requesting customers. The CIRM-BP also offers the provision of services, defined on a case-by-case basis, which can be requested by telephone or E-mail. In both cases (strain dissemination and service provision), all data collected by the CIRM-BP are recorded and processed in files that enables the management and tracing of all the requests. The CIRM-BP can also collaborate on research projects involving public or private partners. In the case of online orders, data of potential customers are recorded using the following form, where fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory:

These data are...

1. Stored in the inboxes accessible with login and password of the CIRM-BP team members during email exchanges to enable satisfactory follow-up of the order with the customer/collaborator and also for the follow-up of the order between other members of the CIRM-BP.

2. Archived in paper format in the CIRM-BP offices with restricted access.

3. Stored in a .pdf or .doc format on a secured INRAE server for biological material transfer agreements, deposit contracts, quotes, the follow-up of customer’s requests, order forms, the follow-up of collaborator’s exclanges, delivery notes, service reports. Quotes, order forms and service reports are transmitted to our accounting department.

4. For service provision and collaborations only: information is kept in our laboratory notebooks, which are stored in the CIRM-BP offices with restricted access.

5. For strain deposits only: stored in the CIRM-BP database accessible only to members of the CIRM-BP team and to the database manager, allowing the management of the storage of biological material. Special case of strains classified as Micro-Organisms and Toxins (MOT): stored in the CIRM-BP database in a part accessible only to persons authorized by ANSM and in an other database accessible only to the MOT authorized person. In the case of strain deposit contracts, deposit contract forms and preparatory documents are stored in paper or electronic format.

Types of data stored

1. Identity: name, address, title, delivery address, phone number, email address.

2. Data relative to orders: order number, detail of purchases, value of purchases, data relative to the payment of invoices (sums paid, invoices not paid, rebates), invoice address.

3. Data relative to payment method: SIRET and VAT numbers, data indicated on purchase orders issued by customers.

Recipients of data

1. The CIRM-BP team receives all types of data.

2. Its subcontractors, responsible for delivering its orders, receive the identity, address and possibly telephone number of our customers.

3. Our administrative service (SAR), which is responsible for the creation of our customers in the S2I informatics tool, the purchase orders and invoicing receives the identity, address (postal and possibly electronic), phone number, SIRET numbers of our customers. The Financial, Budgetary and Accounts Department (SFBC) responsible for transmitting the invoice is the recipient of the same data.

Duration of data storage

You can access your data and correct it or have it deleted. You also have a right to portability and a right to limit the processing of your data (please go to the French Data Protection Agency (CNIL) website at for more information about your rights). To exercise your rights or for any questions regarding the processing of your data by the CIRM-BP, you can contact the CIRM-BP team by:

équipe CIRM-BP, UMR ISP (Infectiologie et Santé Publique) site 311, INRAE, 37380 Nouzilly.
If, after contacting the CIRM-BP team, you consider that your data protection rights have not been respected, you can submit a complaint online to the CNIL or by sending a letter to: Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés – 3 Place de Fontenoy – TSA 80715 – 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07 – France